Through extensive experience of managing luxury living properties, Titan Management Group excels at bringing more value and a better living experience for residents. We oversee engineering, custodial, security, landscaping and all other services necessary to maintain the integrity and high level of service expected in a luxury environment.


We employ persons with experience within the hospitality industry, preferably in a hotel management. All Titan Management Group employees must possess strong written, verbal, and interpersonal communication skills, as well as, be technologically savvy. We also look for strong organizational skills, task management skills, construction experience and strong financial skills.

Every Titan property manager receives 18 months of intense, on-the-job training, receives every applicable certification, and is encouraged to receive ongoing education in building management. Boards of Directors can rest assured knowing that their management team is up-to-date on the Davis-Stirling Act, California Civil Code, regulations, and current management practices. Other support positions are assigned as appropriate to the size and needs of the Association, with each position requiring a minimum level of experience and training.

Resident Services

Making sure the residents’ needs are being met and expectations are being exceeded is the number one priority for Titan Management Group. Our philosophy is that every resident should feel they have access to dependable, premium service, all the time. Each client should feel like they are our only client.

Titan Management Group maintains a 19-year relationship with many local vendors and contract services to provide the best on-site building support. Quality control and efficient service response is vital to the operations of any building. The entire on-site management team, engineering team, and key vendor representatives meet regularly to review and discuss all open and critical issues, as well as strategic planning for all future issues and preventative maintenance items.

Financial Management

Titan Management Group provides on-site, professional financial services including budget review, and accounts payable and receivable.

Budgets are reviewed during the year with close attention being paid to expenditures made throughout the current year and proposed expenditures for the following year. Management will make recommendations based on these reviews, to always maintain the high quality of services of the property.

The General Manager will also process all accounts payable and receivable and can engage services of a Chief Financial Officer to review monthly financial reports, review and report on assessment delinquencies, review and generate an income/expense variance reports, review the general ledger detail report to ensure proper coding of expenses, and generate high-level financial summary analysis.