Titan Management Group was founded over nineteen years ago, formerly as Jupiter Communities and Paragon Management Group. Titan Management Group effectively combines experience and wisdom to achieve our goal of hands-on, efficient, full service luxury property management.

Currently, our residential property management division manages approximately 2,500 apartment and condominium units in the San Francisco area. Specifically, we manage condominium and rental properties in the 60 to 600 unit range.

Our primary objective at Titan Management Group is to operate each property effectively and efficiently and to achieve the goals and objectives set forth by our clients, while simultaneously providing the high levels of personalized service to our residents. Our proactive approach and attention to detail have provided the foundation for our continued success in producing results while providing superior property management services.

Contrary to the philosophy of most management companies, Titan Management Group believes that property management is a service-oriented industry and closely mirrors the hospitality industry. For that reason, Titan Management Group has spent a great deal of time and resources to better understand and cater to the service needs of our clients in the same manner as a five star hotel.

By developing management strategies and repositioning strategies for individual buildings, Titan Management Group has been successful in growing the net operating income for our clients. Titan Management Group has developed an impeccable reputation for repositioning existing assets. Our in-house design and renovation team has successfully completed the substantial renovation of some of San Francisco’s premiere properties. A financial model and cost benefit analysis is completed for each property prior to embarking on any renovations. Our clients have been the beneficiaries of substantial increases in property values, as a result of the Titan Management Group repositioning program.

Be proactive! The Titan Management Group operational philosophy is to always be proactive on all levels of property management. Our employees flourish in an environment that stresses the importance of customer service and commitment to bottom-line profitability. Every employee is encouraged to think outside of the traditional box. Our management staff is constantly reevaluating income opportunities, management and marketing strategies, accounting strategies, as well as the physical asset’s repositioning opportunities.

In addition to providing property management services, we also provide construction and developer services.

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